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What is Lime Venue Portfolio?
Lime Venue Portfolio is the largest collection of unusual, sporting & cultural venues throughout the UK & Ireland.
What connects all of your venues?
The food! We are part of Levy Restaurants UK the sporting & leisure division, and we deliver the great food you’ll experience at our venues – whether that’s a healthy delegate lunch at a meeting or a 3 course banquet. Venues within our portfolio operate under different catering brands such as Levy Restaurants UK, Leith’s, Payne and Gunter, Jockey Club Catering or Restaurant Associates, but each delivers a bespoke offer to suit the venue and the needs of your event. What’s important to know is that we’re passionate about the food, because we know it can make the difference between your event being good and your event being GREAT.
Why would I work with Lime Venue Portfolio?
Because we’re here to help and care as much as you do about making your event the best it can be. Our portfolio offers you a choice of unique venues each delivering restaurant quality food and great service. Our team of experienced event professionals are passionate about delivering an outstanding service. We offer you one point of contact to help you find the right venue for your needs and our service is free – saving you time and money. So they question should really be ‘why wouldn’t you?’
Why should I choose an unusual venue?
By choosing an unusual venue, you are already thinking about your event in the right way. No matter what type of event you’re organising, you want your guests to have a memorable experience; whether that means, partying with their teams, dining with clients or meeting with colleagues. An unusual venue can play a crucial role in delivering this objective. Put yourself in the position of your guests. Imagine the excitement of attending a meeting at an iconic sporting venue, or a arriving at a drinks reception at a zoo to the sounds of lion’s roaring (yes, this happens). An exciting prospect when compared to some of the alternatives! Historically, choosing an unusual venue was perhaps considered risky. But this is certainly is no longer the case. We have carefully curated our portfolio of venues and our onsite teams are all industry experts and passionate about their jobs, meaning that a Lime Venue Portfolio venue can be trusted to deliver everything you would expect and more!
Is the food at my event really that important?
Well, in short yes! We’re lucky enough to have experienced many events, so have plenty of first-hand experience. Our research tells us that 42% of all event feedback is actually about the food. It’s what everyone loves to talk about. It’s good to put yourself in the position of the delegate or guest. We’ve all experienced having an underwhelming experience with food and drink at an event – and what do we all do? Moan! But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re passionate about food and the biggest advocates of understanding that we’re a nation of foodies. It’s something a lot of people really do care about. So, when it comes to the food at your event don’t treat it as an afterthought or worse an opportunity to cut costs. Treat it as an opportunity to enhance the event and get everyone talking for the right reasons.
What type of venues make up your portfolio?
Our venues are all connected by the food meaning we have a truly diverse portfolio. We offer leisure attractions including zoos, museums, castles and stately homes; leading sporting stadiums and racecourse alongside the UKs premier exhibition and conference centres and purpose built training centres.
I’m looking to find a couple of options for my next event. How can you help?
Well, we can save you time and money! Our central sales team will talk you through the enquiry and take all the relevant details and any special requirements. Their brains will already be ticking and coming up with all the spaces that meet your criteria. They’ll speak to all those venues on your behalf and pull together detailed electronic quotes that make it easier for you to compare and see the costs and any savings. If anything changes or you want more information from the venue, then one call to us and we’ll be on it. Saving you the need to contact each venue individually. Our service is completely free, giving you the time to concentrate on addressing other tasks. If at any point you want to speak directly to the venues, then we can put you in touch and help you arrange site visits or book your event. We can be your right hand ‘man’ or a match-maker – the choice is yours!
How long does it take to get a quote?
We know that your time is precious, so our aim is to get back to you as soon as possible; often within 3 hours. Importantly, we know that everyone is different and will always endeavour to get you the information you need within your specific timeframes.
How much does it cost? Is there a catch?
Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch! – There must be a catch right? Nope. If you use our central team, you’ll get the same quote as if you went direct to the venue. Sometimes it will even be better, because we can compare our venues quotes before we send them over to you. So if you’ve told us about a preferred venue then we can work on getting a quote to work with your budget! As the catering partner of all of our venues, we purely make our money through the food and drink.
Can I enquire directly at the venue?
You certainly can! We want you to have an unforgettable event – and we think our venues offer you an unrivalled choice. We’re here to help in any way we can and our free central sales team do a great job in helping out. But we understand that everyone is different, so if you’d rather go direct, then be our guest!
Are you an agent?
No. We’re a free central sales team that help you access our venues and make enquiries and bookings. We don’t charge commission or even a fee and the price you will be quoted will be the same as going direct. In fact we love to work with agents. So if you are an agent (or your company works with an agency partner), we’re more than happy to work with you! See our page on working with agents.
What is a central sales team?
Our central sales team enables us to offer you one point of contact making it easier for you to enquire at multiple venues within our portfolio, without having to call or email all of them individually.
How long will it take for the central team to respond to my enquiry?
We know that your time is precious – so our aim is to get back to you as soon as possible and often within 3 hours. Importantly, we know that everyone is different and will always endeavour to get you the information you need within your specific timeframes.
Can you help me manage my account?
Yes. We offer the service of Key Account Directors Julia and Kerry. Julia looks after our corporate accounts and Kerry focuses on our agency partners. Both have a wealth of experience within the industry. They’d be more than happy to meet you for a tea or coffee and talk about your business and meetings and events requirements. From there they can work with you in a whole host of ways, such as consolidating your spend, helping with commission, and providing vital management information and data.
Do you work with agents?
Yes! In fact we love to work with agents. We can offer the support of national Account Directors and local account managers – who will pop in to see you with fabulous treats and goodies. See our page on working with agents.
Do you have a brochure I can download?
Yes we do. Here you go!
Where are your venues?
We have venues throughout the UK & Ireland. From Exeter Racecourse and Beaulieu in the south of England to Edinburgh Zoo and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Scotland. From Swansea’s Liberty Stadium in Wales to Newmarket in the East of England.
Do you offer a discount to charities?
We like to support charities and local organisations wherever we can. Our venues can provide information about specific charity benefits they offer.