Welcome to the conference collection

A fabulous new addition to Lime Venue Portfolio is the Conference Collection. A collection of great  residential conference and training venues across the UK. Giving LVP greater choice and breadth of offering in the UK events, conference and meeting market. The increased range of venues, enable our portfolio to deliver everything from nationwide training programmes in multiple locations through to one-off annual conferences, meetings, events or training courses.

These residential conference venues offer the same commitment to quality that runs throughout the wider portfolio. They focus on delivering restaurant quality food and great service, often set within beautiful grounds and in superb locations in order to enhance the delegate experience. Some even have leisure facilities too!

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Why use the Conference Collection for your next event?

  • Great accessibility and location – All of our conference collection venues are easily accessible by rail, motorway and air.
  • Competitive pricing - A mixture of 3 star and 4 star venues with all-inclusive packages, providing dedicated conference, training, meeting and event solutions.
  • Capacity – These venues are residential (Kettering from Spring 2019) with a diverse range of dedicated training and meeting facilities, having the flexibility to deliver  small meetings from four people to large conferences for up to 2,000.
  • Availability – With an extensive range of facilities available at each venue, our locations offer the opportunity to run multiple events on the same day. This allows us to offer short lead availability for those last-minute enquiries
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Make your conference memorable with our conference venues

These new venues give Lime Venue Portfolio the opportunity to be a key player in the UK residential training and conference market.


At the heart of these venues is a consistent, clear approach to pricing and service for all conference and training clients. This is supported by professional, friendly and experienced teams well versed in hosting events of all sizes.


Explore the entire collection and send us in your enquiries so that we can help you create a memorable conference for you and your guests

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Why use LIME conference collection for your next event?

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